1. Access

2. Select the 'Register with digital certificate' option, read the terms of use and press the 'Start' button.


3. The browser will ask you to select a digital certificate. Before making sure of:

    1. Your certificate has not expired
    2. That it has been issued by an entity classified by the AOC Consortium
    3. That it is a certificate of natural person. That is, the system will allow you to register with a certificate as long as the certificate is from:
      • Individual (such as idCAT or e-DNI)
      • Individual corporate (such as T-CAT or T-CAT-P)
      • Representative natural person (such as the certificates of representative issued by CAMERFIRMA, ANCERT and other Certification Service Providers)
    4. If yours is a certificate in software, make sure you have it properly installed and configured so that it is accessible from your browser. Consult the instructions of your Certification Service Provider (eg idCAT Certificat ).
    5. If yours is a certificate on a card , or on any other type of cryptographic device, also check that the device software (CSP or PKCS # 11 and reader drivers) is properly configured. Consult the instructions of your Certification Service Provider (eg T-CAT ).


4. Depending on the type of certificate used and its configuration, your browser or operating system may ask you for a PIN in order to use it.

5. Once the certificate has been selected, the registration system will ask you for the identification data not included in the certificate, which is your mobile phone number and date of birth. If the digital certificate contains an email address, it is shown on the form, but may be changed.

6. By pressing 'Continue' the system displays the data entered and asks for confirmation by sending a code via SMS to the mobile phone provided. It will be necessary to enter the code received and declare the veracity of the data entered and the acceptance of the conditions of use by means of the selector provided for this purpose. Pressing the 'Sign me up' button the registration will take place.


7. If the registration is carried out satisfactorily, the system will allow the download of a receipt in PDF format of the operation, which contains the data provided for registration.