• Be at least 16 years old
    • Have DNI or TIE (identification card for foreigners). If you only have a NIE you can obtain the Mobile idCAT, but in person .
    • Have one of these cards:
      • TSI (individual health card) from CatSalut. If you don't have one, you can request the TSI number through 061 or at your CAP. You must provide the CIP in your request (it consists of 4 letters and 10 numbers), which you can obtain in any medical report or prescription from the CAP.
      • MUFACE (Mutualidad General de Funcionarios Civiles del Estado) as holder or beneficiary. No other mutual card is accepted , such as Adeslas

    These data will be validated in the databases of the General Directorate of the Police and the Catalan Health Service in order to verify and guarantee the identification of the citizen.

1 . Access : and press the button "Get my mobile idCAT"

Note: If you want to change the language, you can do it at the top right in the buttons: CAT - ES - EN

2. The form will ask you a couple of questions to invite you to register according to the most suitable method:


3. Start the registration process that we recommend by clicking the "Start registration with..." button


4. The registration system will ask you for your identification data:

5. The system will validate the entered data and if it is correct, it will ask you for your mobile phone number and email address.

6. Click on "Continue" and confirm the data using the code that the system will send us via SMS to the mobile we have registered. It will be necessary to enter the code received and declare the veracity of the data entered and the acceptance of the conditions of use by means of the selector provided for the purpose. By pressing the "Register me" button, the registration will be carried out .


7. If the registration is carried out satisfactorily, the system will allow the download of a receipt in PDF format of the operation, which contains the data registered and the process will be finished.


High with video identification

The process has the following steps:

4. Click "Start"

5. Accept terms of service

6. Fill in the form with your personal data

7. Receiving the mail with the link

You will receive an e-mail from the Generalitat de Catalunya with the instructions to register for idCAT Mòbil using a video identification.

8. Identity verification

Once you receive the email, you will have to access the link from your mobile phone and enter the code you will receive by SMS to the indicated mobile phone.


If you are waiting for the SMS and it does not arrive after a few minutes, check that you are entering the mobile phone number correctly and try again. In case you are putting it correctly:

  1. Check our Service Status webpage to check if there is a general incident affecting the reception of SMS.
  2. Check that you have not blocked SMS from some senders or that your mobile phone does not have any telephone SPAM blocking software.
  3. Add mobile 600 12 47 12 to your contact list and try again.
  4. Contact your telephone operator to verify that they are not blocking the SMS input from the 600 12 47 12 mobile phone.

9. Video identification process

You will have to scan the QR code from your own mobile or continue from the link shown on the screen. The tool gives the instructions by audio, you will have to show your ID (front and back) and look at the camera (you will have to allow access to the video camera). Once done, the system will tell you that identification is complete.


9. Validation and confirmation

Once you have completed the video identification process, an operator will verify your identity and register you in the mobile idCAT service. You will receive an email with the result of the verification within 48 hours (excluding public holidays).

You can also do it from home if you have a recognized or qualified personal digital certificate that meets the technical requirements