Contact AOC Support

I have questions about a procedure

At the AOC we can help you with idCAT Mobile.

If you have any doubt about the procedure you are doing, contact the organization which you are managing it.

Here you have attached the contacts of some of the main administrations:

  • Municipalities, County Councils, and Provincial Councils: contact them through their electronic offices.
  • Government of Catalonia: contact them via 012 or the Gencat page.
  • Universities: contact them through their electronic offices.
  • General State Administration: contact them via 060 or the AGE page.
My query is not about idCAT Mobile

If your query is about other AOC tools (electronic notifications, invoices, representations, etc.) visit the AOC support portal and select the tool you need support for.

If your query is not about an AOC service, we will not be able to provide support.

I have questions or issues with the registration or use of idCAT Mobile
I need to modify idCAT Mobile

If you need to modify any data or unlink your idCAT Mobile, consult the following articles:

I need more help with idCAT Mobile