idCAT Mòbil is the citizen-oriented authentication service based on sending an SMS with a single-use code to the mobile phone . idCAT Mòbil is a safe and free system that does not require the installation of any software or remembering any passwords.

The main features of this service are the following:

  • This system allows citizens over the age of 16 to act electronically before Catalan public administrations with a medium level of security, in accordance with what is established in Annex II of the National Security Scheme (RD 3/2010) . This level of security will depend on the procedure used during the user registration phase.
  • It offers an ordinary signature system that links the identity of the signatory to a document and guarantees its integrity.

The data provided by citizens will be registered at the " Electronic Headquarters of the Administration of the Generalitat de Catalunya" , which is owned by the Department of the Presidency, in order to provide reliable evidence of the link between the identified person and their Mobile Phone.

The AOC Consortium offers the Public Sector of Catalonia an alternative to the use of digital certificates.

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