Possible errors and how to solve them

I did not receive the SMS

If you are waiting for the SMS and it does not arrive after a few minutes, check:

Make sure you are entering the correct mobile phone number and try again.

In case you are putting it correctly:

  1. Check our Service Status page to check if there is a general incident that affects the reception of SMS.
  2. Check that you have not blocked SMS from some senders or that your mobile phone does not have any telephone SPAM blocking software.
  3. Add mobile 600 12 47 12 to your contact list and try again.
  4. Contact your telephone operator to verify that they are not blocking the SMS input from the 600 12 47 12 mobile phone.
There appears to be a problem with the ID and/or phone number you provided

Check that the identification document and the phone number you indicated are associated. If, for example, you have changed your mobile phone number or it is associated with a relative, you will have to modify the mobile idCAT data.

The mobile number must be a numeric value

Check that there are no blank spaces before or after your mobile number.