If you have any specific doubts about the online management or procedure you are carrying out , you will have to contact the organization with which you were doing it. Consult the web address of the electronic headquarters of the bodies of Catalonia to get in touch.

idCAT Mòbil is an identification system that will allow you to do most of the management and procedures with the Catalan administrations just by indicating your identity document (DNI, NIE...) and your mobile phone. When you identify yourself, you will receive a password on your phone so you can access the procedure or management.

The steps to follow to use idCAT Mobile:

  1. Access the online procedure you want to do from the website of the responsible body with which you want to do the procedure. At the time of identification, this screen will appear:

  2. Indicate the identity document and the mobile phone with which you are registered in idCAT Mòbil and press "Use my idCAT Mòbil".

  3. If the data is correct , you will receive an SMS in a few seconds on your mobile phone (this code is for single use and expires after 10 minutes)

  4. Enter the password of the received SMS in the "Enter the password" section and press "Verify".

If everything is correct, you will access the procedure or management with the data you indicated when you registered with idCAT Mòbil.

Check the operation of your mobile idCAT

If you want to confirm that your mobile idCAT is working correctly, you can try to identify yourself on the website of a public administration (if it's just to test, please don't send any formalities), in the Private Area of Gencat ( from where you can also change some data from the idCAT Mòbil) or the Ens de Proves DEMO e-TRAM (the procedures carried out have no legal validity).

In the case of e-TRAM access the Generic Instance from the "Start" button and fill in the data as explained above:


If you receive the SMS and can access, your mobile idCAT works correctly 🥳 🎉

Can you sign with idCAT Mobile?

Applications and web pages can use the mobile idCAT system as a signature mechanism if they develop this functionality, which allows the identification acts carried out to be linked to the signed documents. The electronic signatures produced have legal value , and are suitable for actions with a medium level of security.

The mobile idCAT is an alternative mechanism to the use of digital certificates, which means that you cannot perform the same functions as with a digital certificate, such as, for example, signing a PDF on its own.